06 July 2012

NEW | Watery Color Accents

Hello everyone, new in our shop,  'Watery Color Accents' a set of 6 Watery Color Accents  for a colorful touch on your layouts. You can really achieve great effects with it in your layouts. 


Check out what a beautiful layouts our CT made with these accents​​, very inspiring....






1 comment:

  1. hi Mo adn Mo...so so fun concept!!!
    i went to your store..;I'm found of your style!!!
    I don't know how to contatc us either...
    I'm Mariscrap and I've opened my store since 10 days, Scrap From France. At this time, we are about 10-12 designers and now, I'm looking for designers with particular style to complete the team...and YOU have a particular style.

    Just take 5 min to see the store : http://scrapfromfrance.fr/
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    I will also offer a exclusive contrat

    TYSM in advance to considearate my call.